No, I am not refering to the leak in your marketing team, lol. Drip Marketing is a direct strategic marketing tactic which entails the distribution of various marketing materials within a sdetermined timeframe to your prospective leads. The term “Drip Marketing” is known to originate from the common phrase normally used in gardening termed “drip irrigation”, which is the process of watering flora and fauna in samll incriments over a lengthly duration.

An effective manner in which yur Brand can utilize Drip Marketing is to have a consistant monthly marketing campaign to keep your Brand in the eyes of your present as ell as prospective clients. This will further assist in your clients coming to you as opposed to your sales force trying to find them.

In reality the only thing that is required for a Drip Marketing Campaign is a strategic call to action and a creative marketing plan. It is suggested to develop your Drip Marketing Campaign at the same time you prepare your annual marketing calendar.

So where do you go from here you ask?

Here is a four steps to success guideline that is followed y many marketing agencies.

1. Brainstorm and Develop a monthly marketing plan of action.
2. Execute your plan through strategically creative marketing promotions.
3. Deteremine your Target Market and demographics for this particular campaign.
4. Establish a continuity of your Brand through out all forms of marketing media.

Here are a few general ideas to get your mental receptors stimulated for different Drip Marketing Campaign ideas:

  • Promotional Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Sales Brochures
  • Press Kits

Your Drip Marketing campaign should be both informative and comforting to your prospective clients as well as your present clients. Your Drip Marketing campaign should keep your viewers informed of your current products, sercives and promotions. If you keep these elements into consideration you are sure to have a recipe for success.