Are you currently using Facebook Like Pages to promote your Business Product or Service?

If so you may want to consider a few things.

If your members have more then 250 friends, the information from the pages they like, when hitting their news feeds will be reduced and truncated unless the individual member requests information from that specific Facebook Like Page. With this in mind, information or promotions that you post during peak post times have a far lesser chance of reaching your target audience. Keep in mind that this is only an issue for those with 250 friends or more.

As the average Facebook user does not know how to manually filter their news feeds from pages they like, or simply cannot be bothered you as the presenter of the information need to assess your audience & strategize an effective time managed post schedule in order to present your content ensuring maximum exposure.

Another thing to consider is the “Share” link. It is great to see that your members of your Facebook Fan Page like what you are posting, be it an image blog, or promotion. However if you want your Facebook Fan Page to grow, and go viral, you should promote for your members to “Share” with their friends.

Due to this new enlightenment regarding news feeds making it to your members, as the Fan Page Administrator you should establish reasons for your members to return to check back, and see what they have missed now and then. For some this will mean to much work, yet others a new chapter in their Social Media Marketing Strategies. The key is to create posts that are informative and interactive, in order to ensure your members will want to share that information with their friends, and don’t forget it doesn’t hurt to throw a laugh out there now and then as well.

Also don’t be afraid to ask your friends to promote your page, and suggest it to their friends, or Share your post. Do not request this on a daily basis, though during times when you want the awareness of your Fan Page to be at its peak, for a special promotion, competition, or event this can be very effective, as long as you have the respect of your members.