There are many blogs online today that talk about How to SEO your Facebook Fan Page. The problem is there are so many misconceptions, mislead statements, as well as just poorly written articles on the subject that leave the reader unclear when at the end of the article.

I would like to take you through an approach which has assisted me to reach my target market effectively and allow my Facebook Fan Page to be seen by the major search engines.

Consider if you will your facebook fanpage as if it was your own website, for some this may just be the case. You may not rank first for a specific keyword however you still want to have your site optimized to increase its effectiveness.

Below are the elements of your Facebook Fan Page which actually pull keywords and SEO elements from. Utilize these tips and you will be sure to increase your fanbase and followers.

The Primary Facebook Fan Page SEO Elements

Your Search Engine Optimized Facebook Fan Page Title:

This is the name of your Facebook Fan Page. When indexing within the Search Engine’s your Title will appear as:

Your Page Name | Facebook

Your Facebook Fanpage’s Search Engine Optimized META description:

This is the description that will appear within the various search engines when your site appears in peoples search results. Your META description consists of your Page Title followed by the content within your About section of your Facebook Fan Page, finished off once again with | Facebook as long as there is room after your about content.

facebook seo

These are the primary elements of your website as well as your Facebook Fan Pages first stage of Search Engine Optimization.

If you are soon to create your Facebook Fan Page or are still new with less then 100 fans you are in luck, you can still optimize your Facebook Fan Page’s Name/Title.

Now there are a few considerations we should go over to cover all the bases.

Brand Marketing: You may want to have your Facebook Fan Page more geared in establishing a recognizable Brand as opposed to a specific keyword phrase.

Visual Appeal: When using Facebook as your Facebook Fan Page as opposed to your Personal Profile and comment on a post or picture your entire Facebook Fan page’s name is displayed. This may appear excessive if not utilized correctly which would lead to less tagging of your page. A quality Fan Page Title is Your First Step in establishing your Brand and optimizing your Faan Page throughout Facebook.

Though your title can be as long as you choose, you should however keep this rule of thumb in mind to ensure things do not get a little out of control.

The Standard Length of a Search Engine Optimized Title is a total of 70 Characters.

Secondly keep in mind that your Facebook Fan Page Title appears within your description, you wouldn’t want to over crowd this element.

At any time you can edit your About Area of your Facebook Fan Page by selecting Edit Page, from here enter into your Basic Information and fill out the correct fields. Remember that an effective Search Engine Optiimized META Description is a total of 140 characters just like your website.

So there you have it. Feel free to impliment these tactics to your Facebook Fan Page and let me know your results. I would also love to hear any other means that you have found has assisted you in increasing your Facebook Fan Pages SEO.