It seems almost everyone one time or another has purchased something online. This being said it can provide to be a very lucrative channel of income for your business.

If we want to look at the offline sales market, we see that multi channel marketing establishes that retailers with good street credit and presence are largely influenced by the online presence, whether the consumer will purchase an item offline and in person or not.

Consumers expectations are higher then ever, we want a better bang for our buck, a great deal, and everyone likes the idea of something for nothing.

So what are the most influential factors?

We have listed the top ten factors for you to understand where your consumers are coming from so you can meet their needs therefore increasing your online sales transactions on a regular basis.

1. Pricing & Shipping Information Clearly Stated

The last thing I want to do when I go to the grocery store, is search up and down the aisles, for an employee that will be able to let me know how much I have to pay for something is going to cost me. Hidden fees can truly hinder you as your consumers want to know the facts and do not want to search far for it, as there are so many other options out there in the world wide web. This is the most important element of your eCommerce website.

2. Looks Credible & Trustworthy

Would you buy your kids toys out of the back of an old van? Who knows where they have been or if they are even allowed to be selling this item. The same consideration goes for when you want to present your brand’s product online, you want your website’s presence to appear as a professional, credible, and trustworthy business your consumers can rely on.

3. Product Displayed on Homepage

Seeing the product which you are wanting to learn more about displayed cleanly on the homepage is a great way to both entice as well as inform your website visitors, so that they make a clear, concise educated decision.

4. Visually Appealing Design & Layout

Just like in your store, you have to keep things presentable to the client, utilizing table talkers, posters, banners, etc, you too can do so on your eCommerce website creating a visually stunning eye catching design that is sure to create a buzz.

5. Total Cost Calculator (shipping, tax, etc)

When showing your shopping cart it is good practice to show the consumer exactly what he/she is paying for and where the money is being allocated. Displaying the amount of shipping, as well as the taxes applicable is a sure way to be up front and honest when considering pricing information.

6. Product/Site Search Function

I want to be able to locate an item in a store even if I don’t know what to look for, and you should want your visitors of your online store to successfully find the item of their choice in the same manner. That being said a simply search function which can crawl through the pages and gather results for the consumers needs would be a very beneficial website add on if not a mandatory one for any online store.

7. Terms of Use & Privacy Statement

It is a reassurance to the consumer, as well as a statement of loyalty from the Brand if you will. Clearly outline what you will and will not do with the visitors, consumers, and purchasers information, as well as what the consumer, purchaser, and visitor is permitted to do while within the pages of your domain. this will protect both you and your consumers if at any time there were ever issues to arise.

8. Onsite customer Reviews & Testimonials

Another great way to show your prospective customers what you are all about is to tell them from your customers stories, reviews and testimonials.

Anyone can state how great they are,
but it takes a true champion to be seen as a hero amongst their peers.

9. Online Consumer Service (Live Chat)

The value of one on one communication should never be overlooked, and if your budget and time can afford a live chat operator, be it a virtual assistant, or in-house employee this is truly a great way to ensure you are there to help your consumers as soon as a question or issue arises.

10. Social Network Integration (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc)

Social Media Networking is definatly a great way to expand your reach and increase your traffic ranks. With more and more businesses creating a custom facebook fanpage for their brand and tweeting to all their followers it is definatly another element that should not be overlooked. through effective social media marketing you can let your followers know of any specials, promotions, and upcoming events with ease.

Keep these top key influential factors in a consumers purchase decisions and your next online ecommerce venture will sure to be a success.

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