So many businesses when investing in a website forget to ask the key crucial factors that will make or break your online presence. Ignoring these elements is like hiring an employee for your front desk without training them on the task at hand. In this article we will address a few key website optimization factors that will be sure to get your website noticed by the search engines.

In this article we will concentrate on the furious five of the World Wide Web.

  • title
  • meta tags
  • keyword density
  • seo your images
  • seo your links

When choosing your website designer be sure that your web pages will be properly utilizing the various code based optimization techniques to enhance your web presence. If you have not optimized your pages, you may never be found online. Secondly you want to ensure that when writing your content you include some keywords that your visitors would search for. Finally be sure that your links and images include correct search engine optimization code as well.

We will take a look at each element in more detail.

1. Lets begin with the <title> tag

When choosing the “title” of your website, you should include a few keyword elements, such as the industry and location in which you serve. You will also want to include your company name.

Keep in mind the number of characters that are indexed by the search engines. Currently Google can index approximately the first 150 characters, also when viewing the search results you should also consider that it is the first 60 characters in which are displayed. For this reason, you should use strategy, and tactic when creating the title for your website.

2. How to increase search engine results with <meta> tags

Meta Tags are the backbone to your seo strategy. Utilizing the correct <meta> tags will not only boost your position within the search engines, but assist your prospective visitors to locate you within the great world wide web.
When you decide who will become your next webmaster, make sure that they are ready to properly utilize and optimize your web presence with a minimum of these meta tags:

Now that we have let the clients know who we are, as well as assisted our visitors to find us, we can move on to increasing the “keyword density” by adding the proper elements through out the rest of our page code.

3. Keyword density is the name of the game

When creating the content for each page on your website, consider your keywords, as well as the various key points you want to get across to your clients. You want to try and break up your content with visual filler be it; an image, animation, or video, this is a good rule of thumb to ensure a clean easy flow for your readers to follow.

4. Use proper search engine optimization techniques within your <img> tags

When adding images to your website you want the image to paint a picture of the page it lays upon. In the same regard, within the code we can do exactly that. Be sure that your website designer is using the correct tags to make sure you are not missed when searching for the services or products you provide.

5. Add a title to your <a> tags

Similar to optimizing your images on your website, you can also do the same to your various links throughout your website. Ask you webmaster if he or she is using the title tag in your website, if not, tell them to. It WILL make a difference.

Well thats it, follow these furious five seo tips and you will be sure to increase your google among other major search engines index position in no time at all. For a free estimate optimizing your online presence click here to contact us.