Suggested Guidelines

When considering your online presence you have to consider not only what you want to promote on your site, but as well what the person viewing your site wants to see and how they want to see it.

Website Elements Suggested Guidelines
Text content Between 100 and 300 words per page
Text breaks A headline, break, or image every 40 to 100 words (except in long articles or stories)
Page length One Screen is optimal. Two to four screens maximum
Colours Two to four thematic colours dominant
Fonts No more than three fonts (in graphics and text) *One Font is Suggested*
Blank space Background should show on at least 25% of page
Contrast No colour in background should be similar to text colour
Tone and style All text and graphics consistent in mood and theme.


Things To Consider When Writing For The Web

  • Who will be visiting your website?
  • What are they expecting to find?
  • What will make them invest in your product or service?
  • Why will they come to your website instead of your competitors?
  • How can they Interact with the company?

Keep in mind that your viewers are not going to have the site knowledge that you may have. so we need to ensure that we provide clear direction throughout the site for the users ease of navigation.

Finally remember that writing online tends to be slightly more informal (although still professional in tone) and very concise.

Make Your Words Count!