It seems that the very popular method of Blackhat seo and paying for your links has cost some people more then they initially thought it would, providing a negative indexing as a result on Google.

Google has been sending out Warning Letters in regards to “Artificial” or “unnatural” incoming links which could be intended to manipulate page rank. Increasing their crackdown on link networks, but moreso honeing in on those bad links acquired.Examples of unnatural linking could include buying links to pass PageRank or participating in link schemes.

At times these links may be ones that you have no control over, as such you can provide the details of such links within your reconsideration for indexing. Google has always been one for quality and in their letters they specifically let you know

“We encourage you to make changes to your site so that it meets our quality guidelines. Once you’ve made these changes, please submit your site for reconsideration in Google’s search results.”

If you are having issues resolving your recent Google Penalty and would like assistance it is advised that you do so in the Google Webmasters Help Forum.

It seems that one of the major culprits for this to have taken effect on multiple websites is the use of various Link Sites such as SocialMonkee. While I was reading tthrough the Google Webmaster Help Forum on this topic I found a letter that swas revceived from Socialmonkee in regards to this issue though they also at the same time have total deniability as all their sites are still being indexed.

It seems that Blog Networks were hit the hardest however your various social bookmarking sites not as much. I guess that means it is time to do it the old fashion way. Social Networking is just that get out there socialize, find Blogs that are relating to your topics and interact.

This has been an ongoing battle that Google has had towards individuals artificially trying to manipulate their website indexing and search engine results. The most recent Blog Network to have been removed from Googles indexing as of March 19th 2012 and has been confirmed was

It seems that the only way to fully satisfy Google if you do have this issue to have your site reindexed is to directly contact each websites webmaster and request that your site be removed. From there if you are not able to find contact info for the webmaster on the website itself, you can utilize in order to establish the websites administrator.

If by chance the site is a private listing I would advise you to add these sites to a list and submit them with explanation when submitting your site for reconsideration of Google Indexing.

I hope that you do not need this info and just are keeping with the latest news, but if oyu did have Google send you a letter I hope this shines a little light on the how’s, why’s and ways to fix. If you need assistance just let your Online Lifesaver know.