It seems everywhere we look there are people making a great living working in the Network Marketing field. You may ask yourself:

  • How do they do it?
  • How can I do it?
  • How can I do it better?

I am going to share a strategic method of Network Marketing that will create a positive change to your overall campaign. This method will not cost you anything, and it is as easy as simply changing your state of mind to acquire new affiliates to add to your team.

It is time to stop selling and begin sorting. Take a moment and stop addressing the sales side of the business, instead let us begin by accepting the reason you yourself is working in the Network Marketing Industry, you wanted to have a further control over your future. Maybe you were wanting to spend more time with your family. Regardless the reason you now have a chance to assist others do the same thing.

I am not saying that sales is not important, but a sales force will bring greater benefits then a single affiliate may be able to do on their own.

You should still always follow up with your prospects, learn your presentations and know the Brand which you represent, at the end of the day it is your Prospect’s choice and if they are not motivated they are a negative addition to your team.

You are better to sort your Prospective leads into Tire Kickers and Speeders. The speeders are the ones who are motivated to get started, they are inspired and want to succeed. Your tire kickers are those who want to mull over the decision and yet do not have an answer as to their hesitation. These tire kickers are a negative time waste where you can be utilizing your time in a more efficient manner.

Through an effective website and online presence you can actually begin the sorting process before you even sit down at the computer.You can provide the information your prospective clients would like to read while also providing a form where your prospects can contact you, or better yet, sign up. This way those not interested can come and go while you focus your time on those who are actually wanting to take things to the next level.

Sorting Prospective clients in person can be easily accomplished as well. Depending on theresponse you receive from the prospective client you are discussing the opportunity with you can quickly analyze the response when the presentation is finished.

Here are a few examples of the response you may receive and what it means.

  • Wow this is great, Where can I sign up?
    • A response like this tells you that you have a highly motivated prospect, sign them up!
  • Well what about the competition?
    • This type of question tells you that they have some interest but are not motivated to make a decision without further information.
  • ok, so I can call you right?
    • Chances are you will not hear from them, after all this was the reason you were meeting in the first place. Don’t waste your time.

If your prospects choose to become an Affiliate then it is your job to be the best possible Sponsor to them to ensure their overall success. Do not be upset if some of your Affiliates decide to back out and quit, this industry is not everyones tea, and at least they gave it a fair chance.

This industry, there can be times that you will experience rejection. The key is to remember that this is not a rejection on you, your business, the Brand you represent or even the product, nor the opportunity, it is simply that this is just not for them.

In conclusion if you stop focusing on selling the product and instead focus on sorting your teams Prospective Affiliates you too can become a “Life Changer” instead of a Sales Distributor. You will see a greater tunaround on your prospective Affiliates because they will see they too can do this without higly effective sales tactics.

Just remember you can’t win them all, but you can still win!