If you are looking to increase your website’s overall results while putting in less work into your online presence, then the 80/20 rule is the way to go. Correctly utilizing this general rule of thumb regarding your website will assist in you receiving:

  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Increased Number of Subscribers & Members
  • and Best of All More Sales

But what is this rule that can effectively assist you in taking your website to the top of the search engines, in the eyes of your target market, and bring the resulting revenue in? The 80/20 Rule, or better known as the Pareto Principle simply states 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. When applying this consideration to your website we can see that 80% of our desired results come from only 20% of the elements within your website. The remaining 80% of your website in this consideration only provides you with 20% of your desired results. Funny how the majority seems to be the lesser effective of the two in this case but sometimes the truth is bewildering.

The key to this rule is efficiently identifying the various essential elements that are integral to your advertising & Marketing Strategies, while trimming off the fat from the rest. By doing this yuo will be able to concentrate your focus on the elements of your website that truly matter in the big picture. In return you will have your visitors total attention directed towards the elements that you want them to focus their undivided attention on result driving elements, therefore providing, an increase in conversion rates, subscribers, members, and most importantly more sales.

So where do we begin to effectively utilize the 80/20 Rule? Warford Designs has broken this process down into 3 simple yet efficient steps to utilize this Rule and obtain your goals.

Step 1 – What are your goals and desired results for your online presence?

Our first step like all effective strategies is the planning stage. We need to determine your actual goals and desired results. What do we want our results for our website to be? Remember to be as specific as you possibly can, as this will assist you in better utilizing this rulle further increase your effectiveness when using the 80/20 Rule.

Here are a few examples:

  • Looking to increase your client base regarding your currently offered services?
  • Are you looking to intice a form of interaction, ie: form entry, donations, or other forms of interaction?
  • Are you looking to increase your mailing list, or newsletters followers?
  • Are you trying to increase online procudt sales?

Once we have determined your desired results for your website we can begin the get right down to business and begin using the 80/20 Rule to increase your overall online presence.

Step 2 – Which is the 20% and which is the 80% of your results?
O.K. so we have established what your desired results are for your website, now we must identify which elements are responsible for the 20% of our desired results.

Here are a few examples:

  • website text and blog posts
  • Newsletter/Mail List Sign Up
  • Website Membership Sign Up
  • Social Media Marketing

Remember that these items are the elements that actually contribute towards your desired results. You want to consider to not treat every element of your website equally regarding the priority that it falls into regarding your desired results. Being said, that can sometimes be a challenge in itself. It is hard to look at our own website and be objective to it, in the end everything on your site is important, right? This iw where we need to remember again, that not every element on our website is the same nor is it equal.

Take a look at your site and establish while looking over the desires you have exactly which elements are those that fall under the 20%. These are the elements that provides the 80% of your results.

Step 3 – Time To Trim The Fat From Your Current Website’s Online Presence.
So, we have identified the essential website elements which utilize 20% of our website. Now it is time to trim the fat. Begin reducing to completely removing the remaining 80% of the elements from your website that are not providing you with your desired results.

Here are a few examples:

  • Unnecessary extra pages & menu items
  • Low Traffic Social Network Sharing Buttons
  • Unnecessary Sidebar Items
  • Duplicated Information.

As in the second step you will need to be honest with yuorself, your expectations, and your desires at this point when objectively viewing your website and adjusting the remaining 80% of non-essential elements. Remember the more you remove from this 80%, the easier it will be to update and maintain the other 20%, as well as increase your desired targeted results.

I am sure right about now you are saying, hold on, it took me a long time to get this information put together, or maybe you paid for someone to add that special sidebar widget to your site. Not to mention they are still adding to the equation, at least by 20% they are. That is technically true, but this rule and article is based on the effectiveness of yuor website. and in the end this group of non-essential elements which equals 80% are not worthless, they are not worth much at the same time unfortunatly.

You see, by removing the non-essential website elements, you are providing more room, as well as directing more of your targeted prospective market traffic to the elements that do bring in the 80% of your results.

If you are looking to spruce up your Online Presence and would like to make the 80/20 Rule work for your current website feel free to contact us for your free. consultation.

Here are the three simple steps one more time.

  • Step 1 – What are your goals and desired results for your online presence?
  • Step 2 – Which is the 20% and which is the 80% of your results?
  • Step 3 – Time To Trim The Fat From Your Current Website’s Online Presence.