What is Marketing Automation?

Simply put, Marketing Sutomation is an On Demand marketing solution which can and will increase sales nd maximize efficiency for Brands with complex sales cycles. Information is transported from your various marketing vehicles to a Customer Relation Management (CRM) System giving you the ability to track all points of communication with your prospective clients.

Marketing Automation Systems are solutions which were developed to meet the needs of a Brand with a growing online presence. Some of the typical functionalities you will find within a Marketing Automation System would include but are not limited to:

Micro Level Analytics

  • Allowing you to track all points of communication with your prospective clients through the use of various forms, page view stats, emails to list a few.

Drip Marketing Emails

  • Send your prospective clients and consumers a direct marketing strategy involving several promotional marketing elements over a set determined timeframe.

Automatic Notifications

  • Have your sales force automatically notified of any online progress or activity provided by their prospective clients.

Closed Sales Loop

  • Assist you in determining which of your marketing channels are most effective and provides easy calculations of cost per opportunity as well as the Return of Investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts.

Easy Campaign Management

  • Easily develop and integrate your new online marketing strategies without the needing to be tech savvy.

Marketing Automation will allow your business-to-business (B2B) marketers to manage all prospect interactions such as business chats, email, forms, and much more. The advantages of Marketing Automation Solutions over the traditional marketing methods are vastly greater especially in consideration to your distributed sales force responsible for isolated marketing or sales channels.