With the new apple IPAD arriving on the scene it has made many website owners unknown as to what the future of Flash will bring, will it finally be accepted and visible on apple platforms? Will it become obsolete?

Can I still have an effective Online Presence utilizing Flash? These questions and more will be covered

So what is the Apple IPAD?

The simpliest description i guess would be that of a laptop with only the screen which is touch sensetive. In a more detailed discription you might hear that the Apple IPAD is the most innovative electronic device that has hit the market so far in the New Mellinium.

For a detailed explanation of the Apple IPAD Click Here

So what does this mean for all of those amazing Flash websites? well if your clients are visiting your website from an Apple IP

Thankfully Warford Designs has 2 very simple solutions for you to choose from to ensure you are gettting the most of your online presence.

  1. Completely Re-Design your Online Presence with modern valid symantically correct code languages that will remove the issue completely.
  2. If you are stuck to your Flash site like glue, then we have an alternative for you. Why not setup an alternate site, for those who are viewing the site from an Apple IPAD, so that your main visitors still get to see the amazing Flash animations you invested in, and you will still be seen from your Apple buddies as well.

No matter your decision Warford Designs is here to assist in making it a swift transition, and strive for greatness in all we do. If you are in need of some Flash rectification, feel free to Contact Us.