Everyone has their favorite WordPress Plugins, be it for photo gallery slideshows, adding and integrating a contact form to your page, post or sidebar, or even to add an easy to optimize you websites search engine optimization efforts. We have compiled a list of 10 WordPress Plugins that are all Free for you to use on your Blog. These highly effective and easy to use Plugins will make your WordPress Blog look cleaner, have a sleeker animation, more secure and best of all, drive more traffic.

Meteor Slides
This handy Program adds a nice visual element to our website allowing us to easily add various slideshows to their different pages, posts with a simple shortcode that the plugin provides. You can even integrate one of your slideshows into your sidebar through the Meteor Slides Widget that is integrated into your WordPress Blog’s Widget Area once the Plugin is installed and activated.

You will also see an extra menu on your sidebar menu of your dashboard titled Slides. For more details on this great plugin feel free to visit the WordPress.org download page for this plugin by clicking here

Contact Form 7
Interactivity is a key element to your visitors, and if they cannot have any way to readch you or sign up then your marketing efforts may fall short. It has never been easier to create anything from simple emial sign up and contact forms to extensive and elaborate credit applications and membership signup forms. With Contcat form 7 you again receive a simple sidebar menu item in your Dashboard where you can create as many contact forms you want. Once you hvae created your form and are ready to place it on your page, simply copy and paste the shortcode provided and just like that you have added a detailed and fully functional form to your WordPress Blog. Through css customization you can further customize your Blog as well but that is for another article.

Really Simple Captcha
We have creaeted these great forms, but there is one problem, they are not very secure right now. What we need is one of those great little captcha boxes that stops robots from spamming your email through your websites contact forms. In comes Contact Form 7’s trusted companion The Really Simple Captcha Plugin. This WordPress Plugin integrates with your Contact Form seamlessly to add an additional dropdown menu item of a captcha box which you can integratee with any of your already made forms or any that you choose to make in the future as easy as a copy and paste of the shortcodes the Plugin again provides.

Similar to the WordPress Lightbox, the Fancybox just seems to have became more popular due to the cleaner overall design and animation for the plugin. This is an auto plugin and does not create additional menu options in your WordPress DashBoard. The Fancybox Plugin simply adds a fancybox on all image links including BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, and PNG links.

User Locker
Stop hackers from trying to figure out your password by locking your account down after a specific amount of attempts. This plugin adds an additioal submenu item to your dashboard within the Settings area where as you can determine how many atttempts your visitors have prior to locking their accounts. from their they have two choices prove they are the active account holder by having a new password sent to your email, or by the site administrator to go into the users area and manually unlock the account. Either way you do it, This is a great way to secure your Login Page for WordPress.

Better Author Bio
The Better Author Bio allows you to integrate your User information and Bio/Description into any post written by that user. This plugin adds a submenu item also in the settings area where you can further customize the appearance, position and verbage you would like to utilize. The Better Author Bio WordPress Plugin also allows you to add even more social links ot your profile that as well will be seen within your written posts.

List Category Posts
Are you one of those people that have hundreds of blog posts and want a clean organized manner to display them, if so then the List Category Posts Plugin is just what you need. Through simple shortcodes you can addd your specific category posts to any page or even widget area you choose. This can be a very handy and effective Plugin especially for those article driven design styles wanting to chronoligically list your soecific posts within various pages as opposed to adding a category link to your WordPress menu.

AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget
allowing your visitors to share your content to 330+ social platforms as well as publically +1 your content on Google Plus this is a social Plugin which every WordPress Blog must have.

All in One SEO Pack
Just as it is stated the All In One SEO Pack provides non code savvy users the opportunity to optimize their website utilizing the keywords, description and more to further increase your sites page indexing. Also with Google ANalytics Support you can track your WordPress visitor Traffic straight from your Dashboard.

WordPress eCommerce – MarketPress
This Plugin Adds an eCommerce Menu item to your Dashboard where as you can add your various products and select your Payment Gateway from a multitude of choices. You can sell both physical items as well as digital files directly from your WordPress Blog to increase your ROi and further Monetize yur Blogging Efforts.

Well there you have it, 10 WordPress Plugins that every person should have. Now if you don’t have these I am sure you are going to head out and grab them right away. They are free, they are easy to use, and they are very effective for taking a bland WordPress Blog to a Grand WordPress Blog in just a few simply steps.