WordPress has truly opened many peoples eyes on the concept of open source and the true meaning for the world wide web. A large population of the online society that fills teh masses have decided that WordPress is their preferred Content Management System due to its ease of use, simplistic design and ample features and plugin addons that you can utilize to take your WordPress Blog to completely new heights.

Your first and most important consideration will be your Theme, you need to decide what type of WordPress Theme design you would like to utilize for your Online Blog.

Though this seems like a pretty simple task there are many considerations to keep in mind when selecting your WordPress Theme.

Here are a few examples:

1. Type of Theme:
Would you like your WordPress to be a free open source generic design, maybe a more exclusive premium paid WordPress theme from sites such as ThemeForest. There is also the option to have a designer fully customize you a WordPress Theme allowing you full controll over every element of Branding. This is the optimal choice for any Business Blog using WordPress for their CMS (Content Management System) to easily update their clients, followers, and subscribers alike of news, events, promotions, articles, etc.

2. Layout of Theme
There are many variations of WordPress Layout designs. From your basic single column layout to more functional three column layouts having a sidebar to utilize various widgets on both sides or even either side of your main content area all the way to completely custom layouts allowing you to truly make your vision a visual reality.

3. Theme Functionality
Many WordPress Themes provide a variety of functionality to the end user including a large variety of widget areas, pre installed plugin functionality such as adding a lightbox element to oyur images, or integrating an audio/video podcast. Even things like Search Engine Optimization assistance can be integrated into your Theme. For this reason it is truly important to ensure your Theme, or your collection of your Theme and Plugins will fully meet your needs for your WordPress Blog.

As you can see there is much more to selecting your theme then just using the preinstalled Themes when you first installed the Content Management System. With all the options and variety out there you really want to ensure you are going to get what you need and also what you want.