Ok we have all been there whether it is our own WordPress site, or a clients, you want to be able to log into the Dashboard of your WordPress website without actually leaving the main page.

Well good thing for us WordPress has already done the hard part of this customization for us which is the creation of the login form itself. Now all we have to do is grab the code and place it where we want the form to go.

In the following steps you will see how easy it is to add a WordPress login to virtually any online location which you choose, be it a page, post, sidebar, or even a site on another server.

First thing is first we need to acquire the form we will use so that we may login to WordPress from our custom location. If you are currently logged in, log out and go to your WordPress login screen. You can usually arrive at this location by typing either /wp-admin after your WordPress URL, or /wp-login.php in the same location. Once you have arrived to the admin login you will see a screen similar to the one in example 1.1

Example 1.1

From here you want to view the source code of the page. Depending on your browser type the wording and means as to how you arrive at this option may be different slightly. Generally speaking you will find the view source item in the Tools tab of your browsers menu. Once you are in the source code you will want to highlight the code from the opening to closing form tag as shown in example 1.2

Example 1.2

Now that we have highlighted the code for our WordPress Login Form we can simply copy the code snippet we have copied to our clipboard into any page, post or even a text widget for our sidebar. So you see you too can have an easier way to log into your WordPress website with this simple 1 step tutorial. Feel free to share this post to your friends as I am sure there are many people that could benefit from this helpful trick.