It is definatly important to track the statistics of your website. Whether you are using Google Analytics, or a custom analytics software for your website it can at times feel overwhelming peering into the monitor and seeing all the numbers, graphs and charts. So what are the main factors that we should be focusing on. Where is the biggest Return on Investment going to be when we consider the time we are putting into this research.

The Online Life Saver has utilized these Business philosophies to establish your top 5 main focal points to increase your Brands Online Presence.

The 80/20 Rule
Less is More

Top 5 Analytic & Statistic Solutions

1. Visitors & Lead Generation (New & Repeat)
This is the amount of visitors you have received to your website in a specified duration of time. You will also be able to learn the amount of people that have returned to your website. Now you have an idea as to the amount of potential leads you have accessing your website at any given time. This will become highly effective when incorporating an interactive email campaign with an opt in from your website, in order to obtain your prospective clients contact information.

2. Traffic Source
Knowing where your traffic is coming from is like your ace up your sleeve. It is like going fishing after getting a tip as to where the fish are biting. You are sure to come home with Dinner. Use this information to increase your ad campaigns in the areas that are most effective, while researching alternative methods of investment for the campigns that seem to not be drawing traffic to your website. This will not only increase the volume of visitors you have arrive to your website, but also increse the amount of quality leads which is the main objective of our Brand’s online presence.

3. Content Overview
Now that you know what pages your visitors have been on, you can focus on bettering the pages that are not getting as much attention through your external marketing campaigns, as well as increase your marketing strategies on the pages which your visitors are most frequenting to fully capitalize on the traffic flow.

4. Alexa Verification
Alexa Site Verification is something that everyone can do. In fact you can even log in with your Facebook account if you prefer not to setup another account to remember. Once you have logged in you can claim your website. By doing this you will almost instantly see a change in your search engine results as you have now verified to one of the largest domain verification platforms in the world.

5. Website Grade
Website Grader, is a free resource where you can view an exceptional overview of your website in regards to its marketing effeciency. Website Grader will teach you your Google PageRank, DMoz Rank, inbound links, as well as other key statistics that will help you in optimizing your website for a higher return on your investment. Be sure to return to Website Grader to view your Online Presences level of improvement from time to time. If you have a good enough score, Website Grader even provides you with a Badge to display proudly on your website.