You may be saying to yourself, what is Technorati?

Here is the description as it appears on the website.

Technorati publishes original news content, opinion pieces, trending topics and breaking stories in the area of technology, entertainment, business, politics, lifestyle, videos, sports, lifestyle and women’s issues. Articles must be written in English, published first on Technorati and will be reviewed by the “seasoned” Technorati Editorial Team.

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Not only is it a great resource for people to learn the answers to their questions and curiosities, but is also a high ranked and highly indexed website that you are able to add a live link to your profile, once approved as well as “Claim” your various Blogs, you can even add a link to three URL’s that are linking in to your Blog allowing for some great interlinking of your various Blogs.

In order to claim your Blog with Technorati you must first follow a few key steps. Here is a detailed step by step walkthrough on “Claiming your Blog on Technorati”.

Step #1 – Enter Your Sites URL

First sign into your Technorati account. If you do not have an account yet feel free to click here to sign up for free.

Once you have logged into your account go to your profile and scroll down until you see “My Claimed Blog’s” enter your Blog URL in the field provided and click on the “Claim” button to the right.

Fill in the appropriate fields and when you are complete click on the button that states “Proceed to the next step”.

Step #2 – Acquire Your Claim Token

Once you have entered your Blog’s Information and clicked to proceed you will be sent an email from Technorati providing you with a Unique Key Code known as a Claim Token. You will be instructed to access your accounts page and follow the instructions provided to verify your Claim Token.

Step #3 – Add Your Unique Claim Code

To add your Unique Claim Code or “Claim Token” simply visit the Blog you are in the process of verifying. Login and create a new Post.

Add the Claim Token that was provided to you in the email from Technorati to the post body (content area) of the post and when complete publish your new post live. Once this is done it is time to go back into your Technorati account and check your claim status.

Step #4 – Check Claim Status

Once you have returned to your Technorati account scroll down to your My Claimed Blog’s section of your account profile and click on Check Claim. If there was an error in verifying your claim you will be asked to verify that you have placed the correct unique key code within the correct Blog feed and request you to re verify once you have done so.

Step #5 – Await Review & Remove Claim Token

Once you have successfully verified your Blog with Technorati and view your claim status you will see this message.

We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review. You may now remove the claim token from your feed.

There it is, in 5 easy steps you too can claim your Blog on Technorati which is a high ranked website with a high volume of regular traffic.